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Tax On Wheels, LLC offers the most convenient tax service available.

We do things a little differently. WE COME TO YOU ! ! !

Tax On Wheels, LLC
has been providing quality tax services since 1991.  We provide service to our clients nationwide at their home or office .  We specialize in convenient and courteous service with attention to detail. We are available year round to assist our clients with tax questions and interaction with the federal and state taxing authorities.

We believe that tax services should be provided at the most convenient time in the most convenient way for you, our customer.  Give Tax On Wheels, LLC a try.  Once you have  experienced the convenience of tax preparation at your kitchen table you won’t believe you ever prepared your taxes any other way.


Here is how it works:

1. All services are by appointment only. Simply give us a call at (803) 732-4288 or you can reach us toll free (877) 439-3514 and we will schedule an appointment to come to your home or office.  Don’t worry if you are outside of our local service area, we assist taxpayers nationwide.  See item #6 below and call for details.

2.We use a laptop computer to prepare your tax return right at your kitchen table.

3.We electronically file your tax return with the IRS and all available state taxing authorities.

4.We direct deposit your refund into your checking or savings account in 7 to 10 days (or you can choose to have your check mailed to you in two to three weeks.)

5.Taxpayers who will have a balance due on their tax returns still benefit from electronic filing. File your return now and pay your balance due when it’s convenient for you (as late as April 15 with no additional penalties.)

6.If you are outside of our local service area you can still experience the excellence of our superior service.  Simply contact us by telephone or email to discuss your needs.  We then provide you with a userID and password to access our secure client portal where you will be able to upload your tax documents securely.  Access to a scanner is required for secure transfer or you may fax documents to us securely using our fax number 803 753-9897.  Many clients choose to mail us their documents using the US postal service or we can also provide you with Fedex service on a discounted basis if you are willing to pay the additional costs.

7. Once we have your documents we then schedule a telephone interview appointment (if you prefer we can also arrange an internet video conference) to complete your return and provide you with a completed tax packet .  Your tax return will be electronically filed and your refund direct deposited into your checking or savings account in about 10 days.

8. When everything is completed we provide you with a sturdy, high quality folder with your original documents and copies of your tax return suitable for safely retaining your tax documents for many years to come.  In addition to the paper copies, we can also, provide you with a password protected PDF copy of your tax return to enable electronic sharing and storage of your tax documents.

9. If you are the do it yourself type or you need to save money on your tax preparation costs, you may wish to try our online filing tool. Just click the Blue 1040.com Online Filing button near the top of the page or click here and follow the instructions there to do self service preparation and electronic filing.

10. Please be sure to inquire about other available financial services.

What are you waiting for, call us today!  803 732-4288