Our Location

Milton Cooley, EA

Tax On Wheels, LLC
PO Box 2447
Irmo, SC 29063
Phone: 803 732-4288 or
Fax: 803 753-9897

Hey, we come to you so no worries about directions. How cool is that!

Tax return preparation is a highly seasonal endeavor.  We choose not to have a fixed location in order to reduce costs and most importantly increase our flexibility.

However, do not let the absence of a traditional office in some seedy strip mall in a run down area of town lead you to believe you will receive less than premium service from a highly skilled and experienced tax professional with extensive ongoing training and study, all at an affordable cost.

The skills and expertise we bring to the table allows us to operate differently but still be successful. Our 30 year history means we have figured out how to successfully serve clients with a minimum of overhead and we pass the savings on to our clients. Because we are able to keep our overhead low we find that our fees are frequently equal to or less than far less qualified tax professionals.