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What documents do I need to prepare my tax return

View Your Economic Impact Payment Amounts

Check on the status of your Economic Impact Payment (Get Payment)

Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here if you do not file but want to receive a Stimulus check

What if you get audited?

Am I required to make an Individual Shared Responsibility Payment Assistant

Am I eligible for the Premium Tax Credit Assistant

IRS2Go App (Android & i-Phone app to interact with the IRS including payments & refund status

IRS Direct Pay (Make one time federal tax payments without having to register)

IRS Tax Transcripts  (Do it yourself portal)

Where is my amended return (Determine the status of your federal amended return)

Business Resources

Child Tax Credit Update Portal

Apply for a Federal Employer ID Number (EIN)

IRS Sales Tax Calculator

IRS Withholding Calculator

IRS Offer In Compromise (OIC) Pre-Qualifier Tool

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Assistant for TY 2013 will help you determine if you are eligible for EITC

EITC Assistant for TY 2015

EITC Assistant for TY 2014

EITC Assistant for TY 2013

Federal Electronic Payment Options


Request more time to pay the IRS

First Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-Up Tool  (to get information about your credit or repayments also you may call the Homebuyer Tax Credit Hotline at 800 919-0352 or visit the IRS website)

Exempt Organization Select Check (Check the tax status of exempt organizations)

South Carolina Department of Revenue

State of South Carolina payment system

State Departments of Revenue for all states


Drake Software Tax Payment Center to make a tax payment now

This service is offered by Drake Software, our trusted tax software provider and online filing partner.  Tax On Wheels, LLC is not affiliated with this service and does not receive compensation from your use of this service.  This link is provided solely as a convenience for tax payers who wish to make tax payments electronically.