Tax On Wheels, LLC strives to be the very best value in tax preparation services that can be found. 

We will come to your home or office and prepare your tax return right at your kitchen table.  For clients outside of our local delivery area we have the tools and the technology to provide an experience very similar to the in home service.  Many of our local area clients prefer the technology based service rather than the in home service.  We do not charge extra for these convenient services.  If you check around you will find that our prices are lower than many of those chain places that spring up during tax season like mushrooms after a summer rain.  We believe we are able to deliver a far superior product in terms of accuracy, level of service and convenience.  And, we are here whenever you need us, not just during tax season.

Despite these powerful advantages we endeavor to keep our prices affordable for everyone.  Here is what we charge.  Returning prior year clients please review special discount for you in paragraph below

Full Service Simple Return                      $200.00

Basic Service Discounted Fee                 $75.00

Hourly rate                                               $100.00 per hour

This is the base cost for tax preparation and includes 1 hour of direct interaction to obtain your tax information during an interview (face to face or via telephone or video chat etc.) and one brief follow up of 5 minutes or less.  If you require additional time or require additional forms or you have complex issues that require additional research or effort there will be a commensurate increase in your fees billed at the rate of $100 per hour accrued in 15 minute increments.  We also reserve the right to charge additional fees if there is a significant delay in providing necessary information or responding to inquiries.

Please note that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirements have added substantial additional requirements for taxpayers.  For this reason, tax returns may have an ACA surcharge for certain tax returns.  At this time it appears that if you have complied with the ACA by obtaining minimally essential coverage and do not need to claim premium subsidy amounts on the tax return then the ACA surcharge should be minimal, perhaps even zero.  However, if you are required to complete any additional ACA forms there will be a surcharge based on the time required to complete the form.

Also, due to increased due diligence requirements imposed by the IRS, certain tax credits require additional time and effort to comply with information gathering and retention regulations and may cause fees to increase.

Online Filing is available through our partner Drake Software.  You can access this feature by clicking on the flashing blue button at the top of each page.  Pricing for online filing has been positioned to be competitive with similar options available on the market.  Don’t be fooled by others.  There is no free lunch.  Check the fine print on those so called “free” services.

You will not incur any cost or obligation to use our online filing until your return is completed and you are satisfied with both the cost and the results.  Online filing fees are not eligible to be combined with any other discount or promotion.

    1. 1040EZ                       Free
    2. 1040A                        $19.95
    3. 1040                          $39.95
    4. State Returns            $29.95 (Includes an unlimited number of  state returns)

These fees are determined by Drake software and are subject to change from year to year.  We have no control over online filing fees provided by Drake through our website.

We have established our pricing with the goal of providing our clients with a fair value and a good deal.  All of our service levels include electronic filing of your resident state and federal tax returns with direct deposit of your refund or automated draft of your balance due using your bank account.  All clients receive a full printed copy of your final return and related documents in a souvenir quality packet suitable for maintaining your tax return safely and securely for many years (online filers can print and save PDF copies of the tax return or request a hard copy packet via email for a small handling and shipping charge).

We do more than just prepare tax documents once a year.  We strive to be a year round resource to our clients for all things financial.  We do not believe that you should be nickel and dimed for every single thing.  We set a price that includes everything that will be needed.

Obviously we must do some things differently.  Your tax appointment does not allow for an unlimited amount of preparation time.  In fact, we have to be particularly careful about how we use our available time so as to be able to keep our prices affordable.  We allow a ample amount of time for each client tax appointment.  To the extent possible, please try to limit distractions, such as tending to children, pets and phone calls during your tax appointment so as to keep your costs to a minimum.  It will also be beneficial for tax clients to spend a few moments organizing your tax documents prior to your tax appointment.  Please click here to review a list of commonly needed items to help be prepared for your appointment.  The more efficiently we can conduct your tax appointment the more likely it will be that we will avoid additional charges for your return.

Returning prior year client discounts will be applied to our loyal customers. We believe in building loyalty by earning your trust and being the very best value that can be found in tax preparation.  This discount typically results in returning clients paying the same price as the prior year. Variations may occur due to increased preparation services.

In order to insure that all related returns are prepared properly the full service price level includes free tax return preparation for dependent children with simple returns when the child is claimed on the parent’s return.  The free return must be completed at the same time the parent’s return is completed. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Basic Service tax preparation clients are typically clients who meet special situations which allow them to qualify for this special rate.  For example a non-dependent child who is not claimed on the parents tax return and has a fairly simple return and completes their tax preparation immediately before during or immediately after the regularly scheduled full service appointment of a related party such as a parent or other relative.  This is a minimum fee and therefore it may be adjusted upward for complicating issues, difficulty factors or time spent completing the return.  This is a discounted price level and therefore cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Full Service Preparation is available to all clients.  This level includes all forms and services typical of a normal return including mortgage interest deductions, wage data from W-2’s, deductions related to dependents and many other items.  In order to insure that all related returns are prepared properly this price level includes free tax return preparation for dependent children with simple returns when the child is claimed on the parent’s return.  The free return must be completed at the same time the parent’s return is completed.  There may be additional charges for non typical items such as claiming expenses for self employment income or reporting items related to rental property.   Also, certain state tax returns, such as New York and California, may also require an additional charge due to their complexity or difficulty.   This full service price level is eligible to receive all available discounts and promotions where available.  However, only one discount is available with each tax return.