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Please visit our Identity protection resource page to get the tools and resources you need to protect yourself from the consequences of the South Carolina Department of Revenue security breach.

If you are trying to reach the website to sign up for the free year of credit monitoring due to the South Carolina Department of Revenue security breach, please be advised that the state of South Carolina has changed vendors.  If you wish to reach the new vendor click here.

We are providing information to our  clients about the state of South Carolina hacking incident on our blog, please click here to visit our blog.

If you have filed a tax return with the South Carolina Department of Revenue since 1998 your personal information may have been compromised.  Please read the official press release from the South Carolina Department of Revenue here.

Computer hackers were able to penetrate the computers of the SCDOR and gain access to sensitive taxpayer information including social security numbers and credit card information.

In order to protect yourself and help insure that you are not further victimized, you should take advantage of the available credit protection services that will be provided for one year free of charge.

Please be aware that no one is authorized to contact you directly and ask for your information.  If someone does contact you it is most likely a scam.  The website and the  toll free number are no longer the official contact points for data breach protection for residents of the State of South Carolina for addressing this issue.

Please feel free to contact Tax On Wheels, LLC at 803 732-4288 if you have additional questions and concerns or if we may be of assistance to you.