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IRS Affordable Care Act provisions for individuals and families


Now is the time to get started on your healthcare selections under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Ready or not get it done in December, otherwise it could cost you money unnecessarily because the penalties start in January.


Drake e-Health is providing additional resources for helping you determine what amount of premium subsidy you qualify for under the Affordable Care Act.  After determining your subsidy eligibility you can then continue to the marketplace to shop for a health care policy that meets your individual needs.  We only found plans offered by Coventry on this website so you should check for additional resources on this page to help you find all of the available plans offered in your area.

Click here if you are under 65 years of age

If you are 65 or older click here


Humana health insurance company has teamed up with WebMD to help educate and inform consumers about healthcare reform and its impact.  Together we’re working on:

  • A Humana-sponsored site on – Protecting and Insuring Your Health
    • Located at
    • Launched in mid-July 2013 and will be live thru March 2014
    • Consumers will find articles, videos and many more healthcare reform educational resources
    • WebMD Magazine – Reaches over a million patients in provider offices and is available in both print and tablet versions
      • Nov/Dec 2013 Issue: An exclusive 8-page healthcare reform section, sponsored by Humana
    • WebMD Magazine Special Issue: Focus On Insuring Your Health
      • Humana sponsored
      • 1 Million copies of Focus On Insuring Your Health mailed to Doctors’ offices, Hospital ER Waiting Rooms, Urgent Care Clinics, and Minute Clinics plus approx. 48,000 Humana provider offices
      • In provider offices and clinics by mid-November and kept through March 2014



The website has recently added some helpful new features.  If you just want to look at the cost of the plans available to you in your state you can do that now without having to register or create an account.  Simply click here to go the health plan estimates tool.  Answer a few simple questions, click next a few times and you will be presented with a comprehensive list of health plan choices available to you.  There is also a Kaiser Family Foundation webtool to help you estimate the amount of subsidy for which you may be eligible.  Click here to access the subsidy calculator.


Many of you may be surprised to find that you qualify for federal subsidies to help pay the cost of your health insurance.  Here is a chart of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to help you evaluate where you fit in.  Remember the subsidies are based on 400% of Federal Poverty Level.


Don’t miss the explanatory video at the bottom of this page.  Make sure you view the short video if you are new the healthcare insurance exchange and have questions about the basic functioning of the new healthcare law.


The Healthcare Marketplace (exchange) will soon be available.  Click here to begin the process of selecting your health insurance coverage.  I am told that everything may not be functioning perfectly on day one, so expect a few hiccups and delays.  But fear not, you have until March to get things figured out so relax and take your time.  Make sure you evaluate all available options and choose the option that best meets your needs based on your medical needs, medications covered and of course the net cost of the plan.  We are available to help you analyze your tax obligations under the law so give us a call if we can help.


Click here for a guide to the new exchanges for Health Insurance from the New York Times.  A very good place to start if you haven’t been following the healthcare debate the past few months.


OK this is helpful.  Click here to be taken to a state by state summary of basic cost data for healthcare plans within the exchange or marketplace.  Once the page loads scroll down and simply click on your state in the graphic to see the data for your location.  Not all states have data.


The healthcare exchange costs have been released and the news is mostly good.  The Wall Street Journal has a state by state chart showing the cost for the lowest cost bronze plan.  $166.00 in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Washington Post as well as The New York Times also have stories on healthcare costs under the exchanges.


The State Newspaper in Columbia has an article that summarizes the Affordable Care Act published Sunday September 22, 2013


An early look at insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Kaiser Family Foundation Report


Healthcare Reform for Individuals  (PDF) A summary of healthcare reform for individuals.

Healthcare Reform for Businesses  (PDF) A summary of healthcare reform for businesses.

Tax Tips Summer 2013    (PDF includes Healthcare reform info)

Tax Tips Winter 2012 2013  (PDF includes Healthcare reform info)


Visit to access accurate and up to date information about healthcare reform and what’s in it for you.

If you are looking for health insurance coverage for yourself or your business start here to learn more about your options.

More health insurance resources are located at including COBRA, Medicare & Medicaid information.


Click here to read our blog post on the IRS tax provisions web page or visit the IRS Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions page to learn more about healthcare reform from the Internal Revenue Service’s perspective.