Ten Last-Minute Tips for Individuals Still Working on Their Tax Returns

The tax filing deadline is just around the corner. The IRS has 10 tips to help taxpayers still working on their tax returns: 1. File electronically Most taxpayers file electronically. If you haven’t tried it, now is the time! The IRS has processed more than 1 billion individual tax returns safely and securely since the […]

Three Ways to Pay Your Federal Income Tax

If you cannot pay the full amount of taxes you owe, don’t panic. You should still file your return and pay as much as you can by the April 17 deadline to avoid penalties and interest. You should also contact the IRS to ask about payment options. Here are three alternative payment options you may […]

Everything You Need to Know About Making Federal Tax Payments

If you need to make a payment with your tax return this year, the IRS wants you to know about its payment options. Here are 10 important facts to help you make your tax payment correctly. 1. Never send cash! 2. If you file electronically, you can file and pay in a single step by […]

Six Tips for People Who Pay Estimated Taxes

You may need to pay estimated taxes to the IRS during the year if you have income that is not subject to withholding. This depends on what you do for a living and the types of income you receive. These six tips from the IRS explain estimated taxes and how to pay them. 1. If […]

Tips for Taxpayers Who Can’t Pay Their Taxes on Time IRS Tax Tip 2012-64

If you owe tax with your federal tax return, but can’t afford to pay it all when you file, the IRS wants you to know your options and help you keep interest and penalties to a minimum. Here are five tips: 1. File your return on time and pay as much as you can with the […]

Eight Tips to Determine if Your Gift is Taxable IRS Tax Tip 2012-62

If you gave money or property to someone as a gift, you may owe federal gift tax. Many gifts are not subject to the gift tax, but the IRS offers the following eight tips about gifts and the gift tax. 1. Most gifts are not subject to the gift tax. For example, there is usually no […]

Taxpayers Get More Time to Contribute to IRAs in 2012

You have two extra days this year to make contributions to your Individual Retirement Arrangements. That’s because April 15 falls on a weekend and Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in the District of Columbia, will be observed on Monday, April 16. That means the due date for filing your tax return and making contributions to […]

Injured or Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

You may be an injured spouse if you file a joint tax return and all or part of your portion of a refund was, or is expected to be, applied to your spouse’s legally enforceable past due financial obligations. Here are seven facts about claiming injured spouse relief: 1. To be considered an injured spouse; […]

IRS Provides Penalty Relief to Farmers Affected by MF Global Bankruptcy

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced that it will provide penalty relief to farmers who incur estimated tax penalties because they did not timely receive Forms 1099 from MF Global or its court appointed trustee, and were unable to file their 2011 calendar year tax return by March 1, 2012. The IRS also today […]

Tax Refunds May Be Applied to Offset Certain Debts

Past due financial obligations can affect your current federal tax refund. The Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service, which issues IRS tax refunds, can use part or all of your federal tax refund to satisfy certain unpaid debts. Here are eight important facts the IRS wants you to know about tax refund offsets: 1. If […]